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The other day I met an auditor. He goes into businesses and assesses finances. As we began discussing our approach—his of finding patterns in numbers and mine of finding patterns in people, we realized that we were doing the same thing from opposing directions. He talked about being able to figure out problematic employee situations from looking at a spreadsheet; I talked about preventing problems for the spreadsheet by problem-solving employee situations. In my conversations with people from varying levels of organizations, I’ve found that there are consistent complaints about human factors but a lack of knowledge and strategy to truly resolve them. Below are some key areas that require strategy for optimal organizational health.

For all of them, my primary focus in consulting is to provide the information and implementation strategies necessary for long-term, high-yield results.


Inspirational leaders lead themselves well. They have emotional intelligence combined with tactical skills.


Is your team cohesive? Are they effective? Do they like each other? What needs to change?


Do you have a specific plan to quarantine them, remediate them, or fire them?


Is your organizational culture healthy? Do your employees feel that they can work hard and be effective?



Workshop Topics for Your Organization

This workshop focuses on emotional intelligence in the workplace. Areas that are addressed include self-awareness, emotional management, empathy, social skills, and motivation. Topics will be discussed in the context of common workplace dilemmas such as dealing with workplace conflict, working in teams, and managing personal responses to difficult situations.

This workshop focuses on the major environmental and intrapersonal factors that affect optimal use of time and energy. A variety of strategies will be discussed so that they can be tailored to individual personalities. Workplace factors, such as frequent interruptions or distracting colleagues will also be addressed.

Health affects employee productivity and happiness. This workshop is also a great “gift” you can give employees as it will provide strategies to increase their health and energy in all settings. The presentation will be fresh, sharp, and informative so that employees can hear health information in a new way and translate it into new behaviors.

The most common frustration of people at all levels of a company is the confusion of dealing with difficult people. This workshop will provide specific information on common problematic personalities and specific strategies to deal with them. Role plays will be included to maximize attendees’ skills on being assertive in awkward conversations.

Team magic doesn’t happen by desire and intention. There are very specific strategies that affect the levels of trust and cooperation in group settings. This workshop can be tailored to team leaders or the teams themselves.

Building skills in stress prevention and management helps people to maintain a high level of engagement at work and prevents physical health problems. This workshop will focus both on general stress management principles as well as those that are specific to work settings.

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