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  • Intelligent
  • Continuous Learners
  • Intuitive
  • Responsible
  • Hardworking
  • Big Picture Thinkers
  • Able to Learn from Experience
  • Perceived as Very Competent
  • Strong-Willed


  • Tendency to View Personal Weakness as a Failure
  • Strives Hard to Avoid Disappointing Others
  • Difficulty Asking for Help
  • High Expectations of Self
  • Struggles to Maintain Balance
  • May Feel Deficient Despite Receiving High Praise


  • To Feel Understood
  • Specific Strategies and Tools
  • To Not Feel Alone
  • Results
  •  Progress
  • To Be Respected
  • To Feel Confident About Decisions
  • New Challenges
  • Meaning


High achievers are action-oriented, focused, motivated, and willing to think outside of the box. I began specializing in high achievers when I noticed that my high achieving clients really enjoyed working with me and that I was especially fulfilled by working with them.

As with most personality traits, a high achievement orientation brings both assets and liabilities. In both coaching and counseling, we seek to capitalize on the strengths and problem-solve the challenges. The goal is always to optimize personal and professional excellence.


My interest in psychology began when I was a child and heard a call-in radio show that focused on assisting people with their relationships, careers, and finances. As a senior in high school, I noticed that a high number of people approached me with their life decisions. It seemed like psychology might be a feasible college major. In the ensuing years, I learned that I loved psychology. I loved learning how our brains work, how we are motivated toward actions, and how the continual exchange of genetic and environmental factors affect our path. I used the psychological research on social psychology (the way we act in group situations), behaviorism (training dogs, cats and people), and neurology (memory, learning, and emotion) to maximize my own academic success and personal goal achievement.

In my early career, I evaluated the learning processes of college students and directed the learning services department of a university to maximize our students’ success. My interest in the neurological components of information and emotional processing continued when I specialized in treating brain injuries. During my years of outpatient counseling practice, I gained respect for people who have the courage to change their lives. During this period, I counseled teenagers, adults, couples, and families. Areas of focus included relational conflict, personal identity, disordered eating patterns, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction,  spirituality, learning disorders, and career exploration. My early interest in organizational psychology (applied psychology in business environments) grew as I watched the ongoing impact of human factors on employee morale and profitability in businesses. As I continued my focus on the impact of psychology on business, entrepreneurial endeavors, and career satisfaction, I became acutely aware of the degree to which mental strategies and roadblocks can either facilitate peak performance or unnecessarily inhibit our progress.

One of my favorite aspects of psychology is the degree to which it can help us reach our goals. There are entire bodies of knowledge in the field of psychology that are devoted to performance, learning, motivation, work-life satisfaction, personal change, and organizational health. Because I’ve found it so useful in pursuing my own dreams, I am passionate about sharing it with others who are similarly motivated toward challenging the status quo and pursuing success without ceilings.



Being “realistic” is too often used as an excuse for being negative, staying in a rut, and maintaining the status quo. Let’s be realistic. Let’s focus on problem-solving to adjust the negative, goal orientation to maximize the positive…and see where relentless tenacity can lead us.

Noomii, a coaching directory, interviewed Dr. Tricia to gain an overview of her approach.

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