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Silent Triumphs

Silent Triumphs

Earlier this week, everything seemed to be going wrong. I had carved time for my most important project, and the project was an epic fail. I used every psychological trick at my disposal to fight the desire to give up. Stepping up to the plate again was my most important win of the week. And it struck me – a lot of our most important wins are unseen and uncelebrated.

The silent triumphs that don’t win awards may include:

  • showing up
  • taking action when you don’t feel competent
  • turning down invitations
  • making time for your kids despite your exhaustion
  • cutting short a negative conversation instead of humoring the other person
  • choosing not to be distracted
  • choosing grapes instead of cupcakes
  • getting out of bed when you said you would
  • making the phone call that you want to postpone
  • quietly standing up for yourself instead of going with the flow to avoid conflict
  • asking for help
  • winning the private moral battles in your mind
  • choosing faith

These unrecognized decisions affect our integrity, our health, our relationships, and our dreams.  When you win that quiet battle, take a moment to celebrate. At the end of your life, it is these wins, more than the trophy kind, that will make you proud of who you are and the way you chose to live.

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  1. HI Dr. Groff, How often do we (do I) avoid conflict rather than dealing with the situation and being able to put it behind me. Often the things we ignore & hope they will go away will NOT go away until we deal with them. Thanks for the reminder!

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