High Achiever Business Group for Visionary Founders & CEOs

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High Achievers

Go to this page to learn more about High Achievers. You may not resonate with all of the characteristics, but most right fit people look at the lists and have a sense of “oh, she’s talking about me.”

High Achiever Personalities

Pioneers, Explorers, Barbarians, Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, and Builders

I’ve had difficult explaining the commonalities I see among my clients because broad categories mean different things to each person. I was talking to one of my clients about the degree to which all of “my people” are open, curious, interested in learning and tend to be early adopters. He introduced me to the Barbarians to Bureaucrats curve. The people who identify with the left side of it tend to be my clients and the people who would find like-minded others in this group. To give adequate credit and more information, here is the link to the pdf. The diagram of leadership styles is on page 3. https://www.lmmiller.com/assets/docs/Organization-Life-Cycles.pdf



Modality (Virtual or Inperson):  There will be a virtual group which will accommodate geographic differences. My office will also accommodate an in-person group for those local to Phoenix.

Number of People: Approximately 10 people. The ideal group size for optimal involvement and progress is 8-12 people. 

Time:  The actual weekday and time will be determined by the timezones and availability of the attendees. This information will be acquired from the interest form.

Length & Frequency: The exact length and frequency will be determined in part by the participants and scheduling needs of the cohort. We will meet 1-2 times per month for 1.5-2 hours, with ongoing communication to address immediate questions and sounding board needs. 

Investment: $3000 for initial 3 months, then $5000/6months. No strings. If fit or unexpected life events preclude a group member from optimizing their involvement, unused monies will be returned.

Topic Determination:  Topics will originate from potential attendees. I will see themes on the interest forms and in the phone call with interested individuals. Part of the ROI for attendees will be the community; the other part will be information sharing that is relevant and helpful.



Phone Call: After I receive your interest form, I will ensure fit with the needs and personalities of other interested leaders. If it looks like a good fit, I will reach out to you for a phone conversation; it will be casual and you can ask me questions.  There may be occurrences where I see the need for a new group or a different combination of people. I will keep you informed and in the loop. My experience is that if people reach out to me after looking at the High Achiever page and my website, they are usually a good fit. However, if I receive a reach out that I’m worried will end up wasting your time, money or energy, I’ll direct you to some other options that may be better for your needs.

Escape Clause: The initial 3 months is strategic. I want you to get an ROI on your investment; I also want to make it super-easy for people to opt out if they choose not to continue.  What I’ve found is that people who go beyond 3 months usually become long-term, and this is where the magic lies. The relationship and informational sharing increases and the value increases. Hence, I want to make it feel good at an emotional level for people to come and then choose if they’d like to stay.



The interest form below allows me to group people into cohorts that have the highest cohesion. None of your answers will automatically count you out of consideration. Additionally, this interest form is not a signup. Everyone will be able to speak with me first. All of your information will be held confidential. https://form.jotform.com/240576986939176