I’m going to change the world. It’s a unique goal goal worth pursuing. Sometimes being the person with big ideas can be lonely though. People are viewed as a genius AFTER they have succeeded in making a large contribution. On the path toward making the contribution, they are often seen as grandiose, unrealistic and “a dreamer.”  It takes courage to continue to fly among the clouds when a lot of your friends are content to have their feet planted on the ground with an occasional scenic tour of a sky rise.This week, I met someone who wants to change the world.He was in a group setting several years ago, and someone asked him about his goals. He said “I want to change the world.” They all laughed.Three years later, the same group said, “so what is your next step?” He said “I’m going to change the world.” Nobody laughed. Someone said “you just might.’ In the interim three years, he had not tried to convince anyone through his words. He just kept focused on the goals in front of him and allowed his actions to defend his ambition.Frequently, we need to move forward with our plans before we see buy-in from others. That’s what happens when you are looking out toward the horizon instead of down at your feet.Take courage. Keep looking for those around you who have vision, excitement, and who are willing to support you on the rollercoaster ride. Most people regret the lack of action on a dream more than they regret failing. I’ve never met someone who said “I wanted to change the world. I put my back into it. I wish I never tried.”Go. Be awesome. You are not alone.