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Quick Answers to Common Questions

Fit: Mutually decided with no pressure and no strings attached.

Relationship Length: Develops organically, usually long-term.

Strategy: Customized and co-created with the client/organization. Assessed through data and informational feedback loops.

Dr. Groff’s Approach: Direct, analytical, warm, and oriented toward practical solutions. She uses root-cause problem-solving and pattern recognition to provide specific and actionable feedback.

Financial Investment: 13000/6 months for the primary decision-maker; additional services customized for the needs of the organization; no contracts and no strings attached

In-Depth Answers to Common Questions

The two links below are intended to provide detailed information on common questions about both Dr. Groff’s services and the process of choosing executive coaching or advising professionals.

Phone Consult Request

The phone consult is part of Dr. Groff’s commitment to respecting your time, emotions, and finances. The phone consult feels like a conversation where you and she will share information and ask questions to determine if it feels like a great fit for you to move forward.

Human Resources: If you are assisting your organization, please have the primary person involved in services complete the form.

Upon Form Submission:  Dr. Groff will review it and respond to you with information to arrange a phone conversation or for you to assess alternative resources. You can expect a response in 24-48 hours. If you do not, please feel free to reach out to dtg@relationalgenius.com to ensure that we have received it.

(If you do not see the form populate below, please click this link, Phone Consult Form.