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Dr. Tricia Groff is a CEO Coach and Executive Coach in Phoenix Arizona. She is also a board-licensed psychologist who specializes in applied emotional intelligence and the use of psychology to build business.

Early Interest in Psychology and Behavior Prediction

Dr. Groff’s interest in human dynamics started early. She recalls avidly listening to a radio talk show about psychology when she was nine years old. As she grew, she noticed relational dynamics that seemed to go unnoticed by others. Thus, psychology seemed to be a natural choice for a college major.

As a first-generation college student, Dr. Groff worked multiple jobs to finance her undergraduate and graduate programs. Her caffeine-fueled all-nighters produced the unexpected benefit of a well-rounded background in mental health.  Dr. Groff’s early specialties include ADHD and learning disabilities, addictions, traumatic brain injury, individual and family counseling, health, pain management, career transitions, grief, stress, anxiety, and work-life balance. She also taught college-level Statistics, Child and Adolescent Development, Counseling, and Human Sexuality.

Business Psychology, High Achievers, and Executive Advisement

In her undergraduate program, Dr. Groff learned about industrial-organizational psychology—the science of improving workplace morale and productivity by integrating human needs. The first principles stayed with her, and she continued to increase her knowledge by attending conferences on leadership and business. After achieving her Ph.D., she transitioned from counseling psychology to executive coaching to focus solely on leaders.

As Dr. Tricia worked with clients, she tracked the personality characteristics of those who seemed to get the most benefit from her coaching style. From this criterion set, she honed her specialty in serving high achievers. The most common challenges of her clients formed the basis for her resource book: Relational Genius: The high achiever’s guide to self-confidence in leadership and life.

Uniting with High Achievers and Their Organizations

Today, Dr. Tricia is a CEO Coach and Executive Advisor who guides leaders toward personal growth and interpersonal excellence while also acting as a sounding board for business decisions. She helps them manage stress and teaches them how to navigate the personalities around them.  Dr. Groff also works with leadership teams to build the trust, communication, and collaboration that facilitates success during rapid innovation and change. Her clientele includes investor-backed start-ups, nonprofits, and medium to large businesses.


Licensed PsychologistArizona Board of Psychological Examiners

Ph.D.Counseling Psychology (Ball State University; Merit of Academic Excellence)

M.S.Clinical Psychology (Millersville University; Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society)

B.S.Psychology (Millersville University; Magna Cum Laude, Departmental Honors)

Why Settle for Mediocre?

Being “realistic” is too often used as an excuse for being negative, staying in a rut, and maintaining the status quo. Let’s be realistic. Let’s focus on problem-solving to adjust the negative, goal orientation to maximize the positive…and see where relentless tenacity can lead us.