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Relational Genius Book Series

Relational Genius - The High Achiever's Guide to Soft-Skill Confidence in Leadership and Life

The go-to resource for intelligent people who want to excel in interpersonal skills.

Are you a smart business leader who feels dumb when it comes to understanding yourself and other people? Have trouble with relationship management, projecting self-confidence, or picking the right business partners or employees? Do you just wish you had a manual for interpersonal communications?  If so, you’re not alone. Executive coach and licensed psychologist Dr. Tricia Groff has worked with many high achievers who feel confident in their technical skills but confused and uncertain when it comes to their soft skills.

In Relational Genius, Dr. Groff strips away the ambiguity of people management and communications. Jam-packed with examples, key takeaways, worksheets, and scripts, this book will guide you step by step to becoming a better leader and businessperson.

Leveraging her experience as both a business psychologist, executive coach, and performance coach, Dr. Groff’s book will help you:

  •  Increase your confidence
  • Recognize toxic people’s games and refuse to play them
  • Learn the green flags and red flags of trust
  • Increase your power in high stakes negotiations
  • Handle awkward situations with simple scripts
  • Integrate emotional intelligence into leadership excellence

If you excel in your performance but struggle with self-doubt; if you take on too much, while wondering if you’re doing enough; if you care deeply about people, while feeling that they drive you crazy, this book is for you. Business leaders and entrepreneurs who struggle with self-confidence will  find Relational Genius just the guide they were looking for.


Peter A.-Superb read on leadership!

I honestly wish more books on leadership had a writing style like Relational Genius. Others are bland and boring and it’s more of a chore to read them. I never get anything out of them. This felt conversational, which is something I can appreciate when I’m trying to improve myself. It’s also easy to pick up, check the table of contents and find a topic that’s relevant at the moment rather than having to sit down and read the entire thing from start to finish in order to get the entire point.

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Terry Z-Powerful reference that’s direct with meaningful use cases.

Relational Genius is a great tool for helping you navigate through the nuances of business and personal relationships. I’ve read many books along these lines from Dale Carnegie, Christopher Voss, and Spencer Johnson to name a few. Tricia Groff’s approach is direct and provides meaningful use cases.

It was suggested to me to not read this work from front to back, but to jump to the sections that I had immediate interest in. What a game changer! Example: I have a meeting with a difficult person tomorrow. What does Tricia have to say about identifying the type and how do I handle the situation? Instant payback! I now have more control in my interactions with others, rather than being along for the ride and being reactive to the situation.

One Buyer’s Opinion-Not Just Theory! Action steps provided!

A friend loaned me this book as a reference and I didn’t want to give it back! I am on Amazon buying one for myself so I can return hers. This book isn’t necessarily a read cover to cover book but a great resource and can almost be read in any order. Anyone that works with people (that’s all of us) can benefit from the action steps Dr. Groff provides. Many other books are just theory, these are useful steps that work!

Justin-Good stuff!

This book is an excellent field guide to navigating interpersonal relationships in the work environment. Written for the benefit of those in leadership positions; it offers a depth of knowledge from an accomplished psychologist. Dr. Groff eloquently breaks down the “soft skills” necessary to run an organization comprised of many different personality types. This is extremely useful for anyone with more of an analytical background who has been recently thrust into a leadership role. It even covers how to manage one’s own emotions and strategically deal with difficult people. This really is a must read for anyone struggling with the people management part of their job. The book is relatable, entertaining and packed full of advice that will not only make you more successful but happier too. Highly recommended!

Benita-What Glass Ceiling?

Over my 25 year career in roles (VP, Director, Principal in the Software Industry) I’ve mentored a lot of people through being “stuck” and teaching them how to “scale up” or “relate better”. People in organizations I’ve led are technically capable, hard working and brilliant … but some still find themselves hitting challenges. It’s almost always the human side that is getting in their way: stuff they believe about themselves, ways others perceive them or how they relate and communicate.

An Adlerian Approach to Self-Confidence: People tell me I'm amazing but I never feel good enough.

Workbook for High Achievers

This workbook on Self-confidence was a passion project- a more in-depth exploration of the section on self-confidence from the foundational Relational Genius book. Over the years, numerous clients, regardless of their role, financial status or accolades, have struggled with that deep-inside feeling of not being enough. It can be hard to break through entrenched belief patterns, so the questions in this workbook are intended to help people go to the depth of their struggles with self-confidence, in order to find freedom.

Adler’s theory is especially relevant for High Achievers, who tend to have high expectations of themselves and are sensitive to feelings of failure. The theory is based on people’s pursuit of excellence as a compensation strategy for early feelings of unworthiness. While core personal confidence always helps leadership and business confidence, this workbook focuses exclusively on individual confidence rather than the psychology-business interesect. 

Self-confidence workbook cover by Dr. Tricia Groff

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